In the past couple of weeks we have read in the news of the disturbances in Khartoum. We had hoped that the issues would be resolved before January, but unfortunately the disturbances are escalating. With heavy hearts, our Sudan co-organisers and co-sponsors and ourselves have taken the decision to move our scheduled conference. Our Khartoum conference will still hold on 12-14 February, but in Arusha, Tanzania! We are MOST grateful to Amb. Sani Mohammed and the African Institute of International Law (AIIL) who have accepted to co-host this conference in Arusha, Tanzania.

​​SOAS Fifth Arbitration in Africa Conference
​​Khartoum/Arusha Conference in Partnership with Bannaga & Fadlabi LLP (Sudan) and African Institute of International Law (Arusha)


Best Practices in Arbitration and ADR in Africa


Arusha International Conference Center (AICC),
Arusha, Tanzania
12-14 February 2019